Sunday, April 28, 2013

Titan Connection - special high school edition

Timmy Richards
While there has not been not much recent action at Cal State Fullerton for our HarbourCat pitchers Bryan Conant and Joe Navilhon, another future 'Cat and CSF recruit - Tim (Timmy) Richards - is putting together a nice senior year at Woodrow Wilson High.

Richards, a five foot ten inch senior, weighing in at 170 pounds, is batting .354 with a .416 on base percentage, and leads his team in extra base hits with 10 (8 doubles and 2 triples) in just over one hundred plate appearances this year. Compared to last year where his average was just .233, all his stats have improved quite dramatically.

His natural fielding position seems to be at short where he looks to have good range and a decent arm for his slight stature (which I'm sure is a bit larger than noted above, given he's still a growing boy!). Poking around in YouTube, you are able to watch him in a few prospect videos as well as highlights from his high school career.

While I am truly amazed how much information these US High Schools maintain online, it is still hard to get a feel for how he plays without actually watching him in action. He does seem to whiff a fair bit, with 25 K's in those one hundred plate appearances which is up slightly from last year. It's also hard to tell if he hits for average or power, as there have only been 4 home runs by his entire team in 26 games, so, hard to get a sense of perspective there.

However, when you look at the year-to-year improvement, nice average/on base percentage and the fact that he does get a lot of extra base hits, he is certainly an intriguing prospect. Being signed by Cal State Fullerton speaks loudly as well, since the Titans are a very solid college team and can presumably be quite picky with its recruits. All in all, he seems to be one of those "multi-tool" guys who is more than competent at the plate and in the field. As with all the lads, it will be exciting to see him strut his stuff at RAP this summer in just over ONE MONTH!!!

  • A couple of weeks ago, the 'Cats mascot, Harvey, was in attendance to help kick off the Cordova Bay Fastball season. By all accounts, Harvey seemed to be a hit with the kids and very active at the event - high fiving, singing O' Canada and even catching the first pitch to kick off the season. It is awesome to see this community spirit in our fair city - nicely done HarbourCats!
  • As for Harvey the mascot, I look forward to meeting him in "person" this summer. While I'm slightly confused by his dinner jacket and bow tie that he has been seen wearing, and his fangs remind me of Kirsten Dunst (and she doesn't scare me...much), I hold hope that his conservative appearance masks some sort of mascot "attitude". And I don't mean obnoxious attitude (see Marty the Marmot), I'm talking "bad news", like one of my favourite mascots of all time, Rocky from the Denver Nuggets. Come on me proud!!
    Harvey at the Cordova Bay Opening Ceremonies

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