Monday, March 31, 2014

Bob Miller takes over as head coach

Bob Miller
Bob Miller is now the head coach of the Victoria HarbourCats. Miller and Dennis Rogers shared the coaching duties last summer, but Rogers has informed the club that he will not be returning for the 2014 season due to family health and business reasons.

Both men are more than capable of leading a West Coast League team on their own, so I wouldn't expect the change to have a negative impact on the performance of the HarbourCats. I mean no disrespect to the highly-decorated coach Rogers, but we have been blessed by an embarrassment of riches on the coaching side of things. 

Miller’s promotion does allow for a more clear definition of responsibilities for each member of the coaching staff. There was some confusion last season about the difference between a “head coach” and a “co-head coach”, and that ambiguity even spilled over onto the playing field. Rogers was tossed from a game at Royal Athletic Park last summer for a minor transgression and was initially given a suspension by the league office because disciplinary action automatically results whenever a team official other than the head coach is ejected from a game. Since Miller handed in the lineup card that day, the umpire considered him to be the head coach, but the suspension was overturned upon appeal by the HarbourCats. You can be sure that a similar type of misunderstanding won’t happen this year, because the person running the show will be readily apparent.

Ben Jackson will also be returning as the HarbourCats’ pitching coach and an additional coach will be named in the near future. I wouldn't be surprised to see one of the many capable local coaches brought on to round out the staff.


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