Monday, June 24, 2013

Comments are welcome

As some of you may know, the founders of this blog are the same people who were behind the old Victoria Seals Baseball Blog (VSBB). One of the fun aspects of doing a blog is interacting with readers, and we certainly had some lively and fascinating exchanges back when the Seals were around.

Hack's favourite team
Now that the Victoria HarbourCats are well underway in their inaugural season, I'd like to invite you to leave a comment on this blog whenever something of interest crosses your mind. It could be a comment directly related to one of our blog posts, a remark about something you noticed during a game at Royal Athletic Park, or even praise and/or constructive criticism of a general nature.

While we have received a fair number of comments on our blog posts since we started up the Victoria HarbourCats Baseball Blog, we're not (yet) where we want to be in terms of reader interaction. The number of readers has been growing steadily over the last few months, so that's a very good sign.

This past weekend we even recognized some of our loyal VSBB readers at Royal Athletic Park -- the highlight was our brief glimpse of "Hack", who looked resplendent in his usual St. Louis Cardinals attire. We're still on the lookout for the pair of fans who are known to get decked out in an old Victoria Bees uniform, however. We know that our other frequent commenters such as Annie, Tyler and Little Jackie Showers are lurking out there somewhere and that our new readers have plenty of interesting things to say. Next time you think of something, leave a comment on one of our blog posts. If possible, avoid commenting as "Anonymous" and use a consistent nickname / handle so we can get a better idea of who is commenting. Now let's hear it, people!!

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  1. I must say, you've charmed me the Cards logo, and Brad Norris Jones even got the pressbox to update a StL score. AWESOME. The product on the field can be inconsistent, no doubt, but lets not forget, it's the experience that the HarbourCats are selling, and it's the experience we're buying into. It is, primarily, a developmental league, and as long as the kids are hustleing and playing the game right, it all works for me. Plus, seeing all the great OLD Seals fans, even the drum guy, Daryl(sic) brings joy to my heart. Thanks for carrying on your great blog tradition Gus, and now that I know where you are, I'll check in more frequently. Go Cats and Cards,