Friday, June 21, 2013

Elks trample 'Cats

Greg Fettes guns out Elks slugger Derek Dixon
A combination of good pitching and solid hitting did in the 'Cats tonight, as they dropped the series opener 5-1 to the South Division leading Bend Elk. Victoria never really looked dangerous, save for a two out rally in the fifth that was snuffed by aggressive base running that had Victoria runner, Justin Burba, thrown out at third for the third out on an Alex DeGoti base hit to the outfield. To make things worse, Brandon Smith - who was headed home - did not cross the plate until after the out was made at third - no run. Instead of it being 4-2 with two out and runners on first and second, it was 4-1 with the Elk coming up to bat. Normally I'd kick and scream about this, but I like the aggressive base running. I'm not sure if it was a coach decision or the runner went on his own, but in any case, it stifled the rally. That said, I don't believe it would have made a difference as Bend were the better ball club by far on this night. They were loose, hit the ball hard and were backed by a solid pitching performance, with the trio of Hunter Raley, Eric Melbostad and dominant closer Nick Highberger scattering five hits while striking out thirteen (to the 'Cats one K). At the plate, Derek "no socks under my stirrups" Dixon was two for three, bumping his now lead leading average up to a lofty .411.

On the Victoria side, Robby Nesovic got the start but was roughed up right away, giving up three runs in the first and eventually surrendering five runs while allowing eleven hits, three walks and collecting Victoria's lone strikeout. At the plate, the 'Cats only knocked out five hits and made a couple of base running gaffs (including Alex Real falling for the old ball-went-over-my-head trick on a stolen base), never really seeming to get any traction. The silver lining was catcher Greg Fettes, as he threw out Dixon trying to steal second and also picked off pinch runner Cory Mack who got a little too cocky with his lead on first.

In an baseball oddity, after being yanked from the mound, pitcher Robby Nesovic pinch hit in the ninth inning, grounding out to first but still showing he is one versatile player.

I also enjoyed the "elk" cheer after Bend lead-off hitter Seth Spivey hammered a double. The bench - who were vocal all night - put their thumbs to their ears and wiggled their "antlers" to cheer the hit.

So tonight, the HarbourCats lost to a good team, but take away the first inning and we would have had a heck of a ballgame. Now that the regulars are starting to show up, the pitching staff is like a magic pool of arms. At first, there were only eight arms to choose from but now you reach to the pool and...oooo, I got a a Conant...look now, I got a Moore...hey, how did this LaVelle get in here?? And tonight that arm was a Robby Nesovic.  While a towering presence on the mound, don't be surprised if you see Mr. Nesovic also in the lineup as a regular batter. He is very capable of a .300+ average, hitting .326 for UC Santa Barbara last year as a pretty regular designated hitter.

Any yes folks, tonight was "Ladies Night" at the old ball park. Members of the homogametic sex were given the opportunity for ticket discounts and enjoyed preferential treatment all night long with special giveaways. I am sure I saw Leon Phelps wandering around to take advantage of the higher than usual female quota. As the final out was made, I do remember seeing a flash of velour and  hearing "Yeah, that thounds pretty gooooooooooood"...but you can never be sure. Maybe we'll see Katy Perry tomorrow at the "Fireworks"...OK, OK...I'm leaving.

I thupport the HarbourCats, yeahhhh


  1. Seriously, who wears stirrup socks without any athletic socks underneath? That's just weird. Time for the pugnacious fans at RAP to verbally abuse Mr. Dixon all weekend long!

  2. I hear you man...what's next, shorts like the 1976 White Sox?? Maybe a glitter batting glove?? Let's ride this guy like a Harley!

  3. Couldn't make the game last night as work got in the way but I will be there tonite for sure. It appears to me that the new comers havn't settled in yet and are finding it difficult to adjust to the new surroundings.....or they are of the belief that they now have some top notch talent and are hoping the other guy is going to get it done. aka: Toronto Blue Jays!!!!!

    1. You missed a good one last night...TyPro pitched a gem, solid hitting, great defense. Let's see if they can snag the rubber today!