Thursday, June 6, 2013

Still batting 1.000

Alex DeGoti digs in
Night number two for the hometown HarbourCats was a different type of game, but yielded the same result - a 'Cats win. This time the final score was 4-2 in a game a bit more typical of what we were expecting. Connor Russell scattered four hits in his seven and a third innings, allowing two runs - only one earned - for a very solid outing. Scott Kuzminsky came in to mop up and did not allow a hit in collecting his first win of the season. Overall, between Nick Pivetta last night and Russell tonight, the starters did what they needed to do with a short staff (eight pitchers in total) and that is going deep into the game. Both went into the eighth leaving the rest of the staff ready to roll for tomorrow night's finale against the Falcons.

Victoria was, once again, very aggressive on the pads utilizing the hit and run and straight steal to advance runners, even manufacturing the go-ahead run in the eighth. With a man on first, there was a straight steal, sacrifice bunt to advance the runner to third and a sac fly to bring him in - all executed to perfection. This helped redeem the 'Cats for a botched run down in the seventh that eventually allowed Kelowna to tie it up. Sure there was what seemed to be a missed hit and run, and a throwout at the plate where the batter also did not advance to second as he should have, but I still like it. Go out and try and TAKE the win...don't wait for it to be given to you. I hope this strategy continues as it makes for exciting ball to watch.

At the plate, Chris Lewis led the way going two for three with two RBI and Alex DeGoti cranked one out Pembroke way for his first home run of the year. Overall there were only ten hits combined for both teams and this made for another very quick game. Elapsed time was pretty much right on two hours and that included a mid-inning pitching change for both teams. I also hope this continues.

The crowd was back to a more terrestrial number after last night's sellout  - 1,082 tickets sold - but the hearty group was vocal and braved a cool evening to watch the hometown win. I did not see any issues at all tonight, including the scoreboard which, from what I could see, was operated with the precision of a fine diamond cutter.

So whatever happens on Friday, the 'Cats have their first series win wrapped up and is time to get out the brooms. It would be easy to have a letdown game tomorrow after two big wins, but let's hope not. Well done so far lads!

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