Saturday, July 19, 2014

Long night at the park ends quietly

What for a while looked like another HarbourCat victory-in-the-making ended with a late bullpen collapse in the frigid confines of Royal Athletic Park, as the  Klamath Gems pushed six runs across in the top of the 11th inning to earn an 11-5 victory. In retrospect, if may have been better to leave the scoreboard as it was for most of the night - with the Gems up 6-5 due to the game-long dispute between the coaches and umpires over the score. A late change put it back to 5-5 after the situation was sorted out correctly, giving Klamath 2 runs in the 3rd instead of 3.

Carson Schneider with a strong relief outing
Not a great start for Dylan Stowell, who went 2.1 giving up 3 runs on 4 hits and 4 walks leaving with the bases loaded in the 3rd. UNM's Carson Schneider came out of the pen and gave up a run on a sac fly. Schneider pitched brilliantly in 3.2 innings of work giving up only 3 hits. Schneider has found his college-season grove of late, giving up only six hits and a single earned run in his last 9 innings of work.

After Carson, Tim Peabody, Preston Ryan, and Ryan Keller gave up 2, 4, and 2 runs respectively in the loss. Ryan actually pitched a solid 2 innings in relief before his wheels came off. He was charged with the loss and 3 of his runs Keller couldn't keep from scoring.

Not much excitement otherwise for Cats fans. Hunter Mercado-Hood had a great night, going 4-6 to raise his non-AllStar average to .344, and keep himself leading in RBI with 35.

It was nice to see Harvey back on the field looking no worse for wear, yet from my standpoint, not moving as limber as usual. At least he's got a week to fully mend his "upper body injury".

In all, a good series for Victoria. Lots of run support, some solid starting and relief pitching, and the return - if only for a few at-bats - of some players who will be needed down the stretch.

Monday is the All-Star game in Klamath Falls - good luck to all four of our participants. It's a short break, the Cats are back in action against Cowlitz on Tuesday night at Story Field.


  1. Good job Dylan, and to Coach Bob, for giving the people that work hard for the team the opportunities.

  2. Are you saying Dylan works harder than other players? offside on that Richard, he may work hard but hard to agrue the start was earned compared to other pitchers and it was a suprise to lotsa peoples he got a start

    1. Dear Anonymous-
      Mean and hurtful thing to say to a young man, who is working as hard as everyone else. These guys give up their summer to play ball, and everyone deserves a chance to play. Why not support everyone equally? Shame on you, anonymous!

  3. can't see where I said that he worked harder than others, but saying that, he works hard, and some people clearly feel their places are assured and don't work as hard, exactly the same thing happened last year.

  4. Thanks for your comments, Richard and Anonymous. I'd like to put my two cents in...

    From my vantage point, it appears that all players are working hard. The reason why we are a below .500 is not because we lack talent and it isn't because we aren't working hard enough. It's up to our coaching staff to determine a role for each player. It's not necessary to give all hitters the same number of at-bats and all pitchers the same number of innings on the hill. The better players should play more than the lesser players, but all players need to get a minimum amount of playing time to stay sharp. But let's not be naive -- this isn't Little League. Although the players are amateurs, they are getting a "pro-like" experience. The fans are paying good money to see the games, so the coaches have an obligation to try to win each game while ensuring every player gets at least a basic amount of playing time.

    1. Gus-
      I can see your point, and it is a fine line for playing time. The players need playing time to stay sharp, yet the discrepancies between the players is huge. (23 at bats versus 128 at bats, or 10 innings versus 52 innings) We have some of the best players in the league, but it is a team and everyone should have come from a decent college program. How can the team recruit down the road, when there is risk the ballplayer may sit a lot of the time. This team should be above .500 in their record.

    2. If you look at any team in the WCL you will see a large discrepancy between the playing time allocated to players. Take a look at the Corvallis Kinghts for example... probably the best team in the league:

      The HarbourCats have a lot of guys with good skills, but they lack experience. Our roster has too many freshman and incoming freshman. The WCL is one of the best summer leagues and typically the less experienced players struggle at the WCL level. There are lots of other reasons why we are below .500 and we'll be addressing those in upcoming blog posts.