Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Please take all your belongings with you...

You know when you're on the ferry and just before you get to your destination, the message comes on to tell you to please go to the lower decks, and don't forget to take your possessions with you when you go?

And then you're sitting in your car, and there's always an announcement that they found a hat, or a wallet, or a pair of sunglasses, and you are just hoping it's not someone in your lane who has to run up and get them...

Well sometimes they don't find your stuff until after you have left the boat and are driving away. Then you have a bigger problem. 

On Monday's trip to Wenatchee, the HarbourCats lost something on the ferry they were going to need this week. Their first baseman.

Halfway to the US border, Alan Baldwin's phone starts ringing.  "Alan. Al. Al. Al. Alan" (imagine that's his ring tone), and it's none other than Gabe Clark. Seems everyone remembered their hats and glasses, but nobody woke up the slumbering HR hitter to get him back on the bus. A Pacific Buffet-induced food coma perhaps? Sunshine Breakfast hangover? 

In any case, the cleaning crew poked the bear to wake him, he connected with Baldwin who figured out where they were (luckily bus troubles had delayed them getting to the border), and a quick cab ride later, the bus erupted in cheers as Clark boarded for the rest of the trip. 

Bob Miller is spending the morning at Home Depot getting a length of rope cut that everyone can hang onto for the journey home...

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